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Effective recruitment + Assessment Centre + Psychodiagnostics

Effective recruitment represents significant savings in the company in the long term.

Effective recruitment represents significant savings in the following areas:

  • Development of employees thanks to prediction of the employee’s success
  • Additional savings of time and money that would be spent on repeated selection proceedings for the same position
  • Time and costs that would be spent on additional training of employees

Effective recruitment tools

  • Assessment Centre (AC)
  • Psychodiagnostics

Assessment Centre (AC) and Development Centre (DC)

The Development and Assessment centres use the same methodology, but are established for different purposes.

Assessment Centre

A special diagnostic method used to select employees from among a large group of candidates. This is one of the most modern methods of testing candidates, particularly for managerial, sales and frequently also repeatedly occupied positions. An important fact is that education, professional competence and experience is not assessed during this process, which instead focuses on the personality traits essential for execution of the work the candidates are applying for. The Assessment Centre focuses on diagnostics of key competences, the current competence of candidates and their potential for further development.

  • Immediate comparison of multiple candidates at one time
  • Assessment and verification of candidates on the basis of application of their skills, abilities, qualities and motivation in situations approximating the real working environment
  • The opportunity to compare self-assessment with actual performance
  • Mapping of not just the current level of competence, but also the potential for further development
  • Elimination of subjective assessment thanks to the viewpoint of multiple assessors
  • Reduction of financial costs arising from inappropriately occupied positions

Development Centre

The Development Centre takes place similarly to the Assessment Centre and also uses the same methods, with the difference that this concerns assessment of the potential of current employees.
The Development Centre is a development and diagnostic method focusing on the areas of social skills and managerial competence. The Development Centre helps participants become aware of their specific development requirements and serves as a basis for creating individual development plans.
The results of the development centre are individual reports and general reports describing the group or team as a whole. This report is intended for participants, where it is followed by a coaching interview intended to clarify details and initiate desirable changes, and for the company’s management and personnel officers for targeted development of employees.


Is part of the Assessment and Development centres and is tailored to the requirements of the position and consists of sets of personality questionnaires and performance tests. The output is a final report interpreting the results and describing the managerial and communication style for example, as well as the intellectual qualities, motivation, methods of responding to stress and stressful situations, etc.

Psychodiagnostics – spheres:

  • Intellect and reasoning
  • Team roles
  • Stress management
  • Motivation to perform
  • Personality structure
  • Creativity
  • Managerial style
  • Cognitive abilities
  • Pathological phenomena (theft, bullying at the workplace, disloyalty, absenteeism, …)

Psychodiagnostics, assessment methods:

  • General IQ level, up to specific reasoning ability, talent;
  • Personality structure, its strong and weak points, personality disorders;
  • Attention level, cognitive rate, concentration;
  • Dominance, responsibility, cooperation, conformity, submissiveness, aggressiveness, solidarity and individuality

The advantage of psychodiagnostics is that these tests can be performed online. For the time being we apply this method in Czech and Slovak only.